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 About us

TVLX service started in 1999 providing studios with lighting equipment and now has grown to be able to provide whole studio lighting systems.  

The aim is to provide shows with great equipment along with first class service. We specialize working on one major project at a time so that you can be asured you are being given the best possible service and highest production value.

Technology has advanced and the skills required to handle all the equipment has left a devide, we are closing that gap with our one stop shop.

For most shows we do not require a system tech or a board op as the major system is owned and operated.

Best Boys & Lighting assitants are fully trained and are up to the task.      

With lighting packages you won't be charged a la carte or like a wounded bull. There will be no nasty suprises when all the toys get emptied out of the box.

       We are able to light most shows in studio environments and locations.