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JULY 2012

TVLX Has just purchased the first ever set of Film Gear 1.8 HMI Pars to be imported into Australia. John Barry's Richard Curtis has just been excelent in re-opening the importation of Film Gear fixtures into the country, this will no doubt make the market more open to good quality products.

Richard Curtis is well known and trusted by the industry being a renouned Gaffer with vast experience. Dealing with a real industry professional has made this purchase possible and confirmed the confidence in the Film Gear range. TVLX already has some Film Gear products and is rightly impressed by the quality.

The new HMI fixtures will be a great workhorse of any location lighting kit being the most versatile fixture on set.

A Shoot Out will be held to introduce the fixtres into the lighting industry...

High Noon at The Global Studios Sydney backlot by invitation only.

Please contact us if you would like more information about the event or the fixtures.

Sydney NYE Glebe Island Concert December 2011

TVLX provided lighting direction and some equipment for the live NYE concert broadcast. The concert site was massive and the goal posts kept moving during pre production stage. Lighting the site certainly had many challenges to overcome and the end result was a professional broadcast.  

October 2011

TVLX has been very busy lighting Hi 5’s Series 13
A huge investment was made this year into providing the whole studio lighting system and it has been a huge success.

Being able to control the conditions and having better standard of equipment has been a joy for the production and the show.

The New SPX Profiles made short work of projecting the shows numerous gobo images onto the cyc creating the classic signature looks with ease.

Lighting was controlled from the ABC OB Truck located just outside the sound stage. Operating in the traditional position right beside the CCU panel and Technical Director. This enabled full communication and being able to see the exact same monitoring and exactly exposing pictures.  

Special  thanks goes to all the people who contributed and made it all possible Ryan Swan, Michael Young, Michael Burton, Stuart Anderson, Ian Anderson, Graham Anderson, Andrew Veitch, Tess Moffat, Mitch Lamb, Paul Wooten, Michael Cohen, Jay Cannon and Mark Thurborn.